Finding Treatment and Rehabs

Deciding to seek treatment for addiction is one of the biggest steps a person can take towards recovery. Knowing where to start when choosing an addiction rehab center may feel daunting at first, with thousands of options across the country that specialize in different kinds of treatment. At Recovered, we have compiled a thorough list of rehabilitation centers across every state; including inpatient, outpatient, state-funded, and luxury facilities to ensure finding the right alcohol or drug rehab center is as easy as possible.

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Addiction affects millions of lives across America each year. It is estimated that 10% of Americans will experience some form of substance use disorder in their lives, and only 1 in 10 will receive treatment. There is no one cause for someone to become addicted and it is possible for anyone to develop a substance use disorder or behavioral addiction.

Though addiction levels are on the rise, help is available for everyone. At Recovered, we aim to provide up-to-date information about drug abuse, alcoholism, and behavioral addiction and the treatment options available. All of our guides are reviewed by trained medical professionals to ensure that we provide reliable and helpful advice.

Addiction can be devastating to individuals, families, and communities. It costs the government over 35 billion dollars a year and has claimed over 700 thousand lives in the past twenty years alone. Being aware of the facts on drug and alcohol abuse, what treatment is available, and how to get yourself or loved ones into treatment for addiction can save lives.

22.9 million

Americans have a drug or alcohol use disorder


of young people who abuse substances before the age of 13 will develop an addiction


Americans die from drug or alcohol overdose each year

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