What treatment options are available In Alaska?

While some people recovering from addiction assume they can get sober independently, it can be challenging and dangerous. That’s why rehab centers in Alaska offer different forms of treatment like inpatient, outpatient treatment, therapy sessions, and group activities to help reduce drug use.

Rehab centers have trained health professionals and use methods like therapy to help you work through your drug and substance abuse in a controlled environment. This increases your chances of recovery.

Here are rehab centers in Alaska you can visit for addiction treatment:

Self-funded rehab centers in Alaska

Alaska Rehabs that accept Medicaid/ Medicare or other state insurance

Addiction treatment programs for seniors in Alaska

Addiction and detox centers for teens and young people in Alaska

How do I pay for rehab in Alaska?

A challenge that can be as difficult as dealing with addiction is covering the cost of rehab. As much as most people praise rehab facilities for offering the kind of treatment addicts need, they are costly. 

While you can pay using cash or credit card, most people who need rehab will find the payments hard to keep up with. But several options are available to help you cover rehab costs like health insurance, state insurance, and state-sponsored health benefits like Medicaid. 

If you cannot qualify for state assistance, you can also try to secure private financing for treatment from the specific rehab facility you choose. Some rehab centers offer scholarships to help individuals pay for their addiction treatment.

Local government assistance in Alaska

In Alaska, the Office of Substance Misuse and Addiction Prevention is focused on a public health approach to preventing and reducing substance abuse disorder and the harm it causes. They primarily focus on strengthening Alaska's public infrastructure systems, services, and facilities.

This office ensures that it provides Alaskans and their family members with knowledge on substance abuse and addiction to help promote safe and healthy communities. They also provide collaborative leadership to plan, develop, and implement programs like Marijuana education and Opioid Misuse and Addiction Prevention to help the community reduce substance use disorders. 

If you need urgent assistance or have a general query for the Office of Substance Misuse and Addiction Prevention, you can reach them via e-mail or call 907 -334-2602.