Who we are

Recovered aims to provide reliable and trustworthy information and resources for health and addiction treatment. We boast an exhaustive collection of reliable and trustworthy data for rehabilitation and addiction treatment providers across the United States.

We use our own rating system, the Recovered Trustscore , to verify the best addiction treatment providers in any given location and ensure that we only display the top resources available to those in need.

In addition to our free and independent addiction treatment directory, we also provide a wealth of resources aimed to educate and inform about all aspects of addiction. All the information we publish is medically reviewed to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and trust.

In 2021 we rebranded from NCADD.org to Recovered in order to better describe our goals as an organization.

Our goal

To provide those in need with access to evidence-based addiction treatment that is reliable, accurate, and trustworthy.

What we do

Recovered offers independently verified and reliable data for thousands of addiction treatment options across the United States. All of our data is free to access and is intended to help those in need get the right treatment for them.

To achieve this, we list only evidence-based inpatient, outpatient, and hospital-based addiction rehab treatment options that offer a variety of payment options as well as free and state-funded addiction programs. We do not promote specific rehabs based on anything other than their user reviews and treatment options.

Our editorial team works in collaboration with medical professionals and addiction specialists to ensure that all content produced for Recovered is relevant and factually sound. We endeavor to keep all of our information up to date and ensure our voice is unbiased when reproducing factual information.

Advertising and funding policy

Recovered does not sell advertising space nor do we have any corporate sponsors or affiliates.

Our funding comes from organizations like ourselves that believe in providing reliable treatment options to those who need it.