Na'ilah Amaru

Na'ilah Amaru

Advocacy & Policy Strategist

Na’ilah Amaru is a nationally recognized political strategist, campaign advisor, and changemaker with an established track record influencing public policy through a gender justice and racial equity lens. A fierce advocate for building grassroots governing power among women, BIPoC, and underserved communities, she has spearheaded transformational issue campaigns and commanded highly visible leadership roles in non-profit and government. 

From local neighborhoods to the State House and Capitol Hill, Na’ilah is a disciplined tactician who works tirelessly to transform ideas into policy and amplify diverse voices in legislative conversations. Her interdisciplinary background has made her a sought-after speaker, thought leader, and strategic advisor to non-profits and advocacy campaigns in building coalitions and mobilizing grassroots efforts to progress social justice issues. 

Na’ilah is an ongoing contributor to the award-winning Brown Girls Guide to Politics podcast and strategist for multiple organizations that aim to empower the next generation of women in civic leadership. She sits on the steering committee for New York’s first BIPoC Democracy Table, centering racial equity in democratic reforms. She had the distinct honor of being selected to deliver a historic presidential nomination speech for Hillary Clinton at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. 

Na’ilah holds master’s degrees in public administration, public policy, and urban affairs, with dual bachelor’s degrees in political science and criminal justice. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in political science at CUNY’s Graduate Center, researching political participation, governing coalitions, and agenda-setting.


  • University of Texas at San Antonio - Public Administration, Masters
  • Georgia State University - Public Policy, Masters
  • Hunter College - Urban Affairs, Masters

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