Inpatient rehab centers near me

Inpatient rehab involves staying full-time in a residential facility during treatment. Treatment will usually last between 30 and 90 days (occasionally longer) and will include medically supervised detox, a tailored treatment program that meets your specific needs, medication treatment, therapy, help for any co-occurring disorders, and an ongoing recovery plan for when treatment ends.

Outpatient rehab near me

Outpatient treatment centers offer the same level of care as inpatient settings while also allowing the patient to be able to return home each day. While not recommended for those with severe addiction (a treatment provider will assess your level of substance use disorder before admitting you), outpatient rehabs can be an ideal option for those who have commitments at home or work yet still need help with dealing with substance abuse.

Detox near me

Detoxification is a key part of the initial treatment process and one of the most dangerous. Withdrawal symptoms from certain drugs and alcohol can be hazardous to health and extremely uncomfortable, meaning many people relapse before their bodies become substance-free. Detoxing in a treatment center can offer a temptation-free environment with medical supervision to ensure that drugs and alcohol are allowed to leave your system safely.