Alcohol abuse in Wisconsin

Alcohol misuse was also reported in Wisconsin with 3,073,000 people over the age of 12 saying they had used alcohol in the last month and 1,471,000 reporting binge drinking. The perceived risk of people over 12 years of age indulging in problematic alcohol use (5 or more drinks twice a week) in a month was 2,250,000 people.

Overdose deaths in Wisconsin

In 2021, Wisconsin saw a total of 1667 recorded drug-related overdose deaths. This includes those that were accidental or unidentifiable but excludes those that were related to suicide or homicide. This puts the overdose death toll in Wisconsin at 28.3 people per 100,000. The total number of alcohol-related deaths (including overdose and all other causes) was 1173 or 19.9 per 100,000 people.

Addiction treatment in Wisconsin

The NSDUH report also recorded the total amount of substance abuse disorders in Wisconsin and those who currently require treatment. The report found that 1,006,000 were recorded as having a substance use disorder (SUD) and 680,000 had an alcohol use disorder. 154,000 people were recorded as having an opioid use disorder including those with painkiller, heroin, and other opioid-based drug use disorders. There are also many who have been diagnosed with or reported a substance, illicit drug, or alcohol use disorder that require rehab treatment and are not receiving it. The report found that 425 people in Wisconsin needed treatment for illicit substance abuse, 642,000 required treatment for an alcohol use disorder, and 850,000 needed treatment for a diagnosed substance use disorder.