What treatment options are available in Delaware?

For Delaware residents, you can get substance and alcohol addiction treatment in rehab centers and facilities. Some are private institutions, and the Delaware government funds others to provide healthcare services and treatment to persons suffering from addiction. 

While these facilities offer inpatient, outpatient, detox centers, faith-based treatment, therapies, and support groups, it is up to the individual to complete the program to see the results. 

Listed below are Rehab centers in Delaware where you can get these addiction treatment services:

Delaware rehabs that accept Medicaid/Medicare or other state assistance

Delaware addiction treatment facilities that accept military insurance

Addiction treatment programs for seniors in Delaware

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in Delaware

Addiction & detox centers in Delaware for teens and young people

How do I pay for rehab in Delaware?

High rehab costs are one of the primary reasons why most people don’t seek treatment for their addiction. It’s even more costly if you don’t have insurance.

Most rehab facilities offer payment plans that you can take advantage of to pay for your treatment. Some even provide financial scholarships to help reduce the cost of long-term care.

If you are uninsured and can’t afford to pay in cash, state-funded rehab facilities offer treatment at a lower cost or free to low-income individuals.

As expensive as rehabilitation treatment seems, it is an investment in your health to ensure that you are a productive member of the community in the future.

Local government assistance in Delaware

The Delaware Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health focuses on promoting the recovery of addicted individuals by providing members of society with quality prevention and treatment for substance abuse and gambling conditions.

To this effect, they provide public drug and alcohol treatment services for adults through contracts with private agencies. These services include opioid treatment, screening, and outpatient counseling.

The division also provides alcohol and drug abuse prevention programs to address the state's high-risk population and geographical areas. They also offer gambling prevention services like education,  awareness activities, and a 24-hour helpline to help persons with compulsive gambling issues and their families recover from this addiction. 

You can reach them at (800)652-2929 for Northern Delaware or (800) 652-2929 for Southern Delaware.