What treatment options are available in North Carolina?

The rehab centers in North Carolina offer various treatment options to help curb drug and alcohol addiction. Some treatment approaches include detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, substance abuse counseling, and adolescent drug rehabilitation. 

Your treatment depends on assessment from trained health professionals and your individual needs. Some of these facilities in North Carolina where you can get these treatment services are listed below.

North Carolina rehab centers that offer outpatient treatment

  • Green Center of growth and development
  • Johnston Recovery Services

  • Southern Family Medicine Inc

  • Addiction Recovery Medical Services

Rehab centers in North Carolina that offer substance abuse counseling

  • Advance DWI services
  • Caring Hearts Counseling Services

  • Carolina Services 

  • Johnston Counseling Services

  • PORT Health Services

North Carolina detox centers for teens and young adults

  • Daymark Recovery Services
  • El Futuro Inc

  • Swain Recovery Center

  • Cumberland County Communicare

  • Burke Recovery

How do I pay for rehab in North Carolina?

What you pay for your addiction treatment depends on many factors, including whether or not you have health insurance. 

Paying in cash is expensive in the long run, but an insurance cover can cover some rehab costs so you can focus on returning to being productive and healthy again.

Most North Carolina rehab centers accept public insurance plans like Medicare and Medicaid, so it will be easy to access treatment. Other payment options include community-funded scholarships or financing from family or friends to start your recovery at the rehab of your choice.

Government assistance for rehab in North Carolina

The Mental Health and Substance Abuse section offer Substance Use Disorder (SUD ) services to reduce addiction in the area and support recovery. They also offer mental health services and information about rehab centers where you can find help. 

They help individuals battling different forms of addiction get the help they need through assessment, counseling, and other treatment approaches.

You can contact the department for more information and help with addiction treatment.