What treatment options are available in New York?

Modern medicine and therapy have allowed for a number of innovations in drug and alcohol rehab treatment. In the past, treatment was much more self-driven, and individuals were expected to manage addiction by themselves. 

Now, there are a number of options to seek help with addiction through clinics, hospitals, and other private practitioners. There are now several types of treatment for substance abuse and behavioral addictions, and it can be overwhelming for people trying to navigate these systems. It is important to find the right treatment for your addiction, as it will give you the best outlook for recovery.

Here are some examples of treatment options that are available in New York:

How do I pay for rehab New York?

The first question on many people's minds when trying to access rehab is the potential cost - this is a factor in all medical procedures, but due to the comprehensive treatment that rehab provides, it is an especially important consideration. In inpatient rehab, you are given accommodation, food, medication, and more - and the cost of this can quickly add up.

Paying for rehab is a flexible process with several options available. In some cases, you may not need to pay much at all. If you have health insurance, through a family or employer plan, you can pay for rehab this way.

Without insurance, you have other options. Medicare and Medicaid programs can partially or fully fund rehab treatment. You may need to pay a single deductible fee, and with this, you will have access to a full spectrum of addiction treatment.

What happens after rehab?

When you finish your treatment of rehab, it’s normal to feel a lot of pressure and doubt about entering long-term recovery - so the aftercare that rehab provides is essential. Many treatment facilities have systems in place to help you after you leave the facility. A support plan and contacts list will likely be given to you as well as access to local support groups and therapy options. If you are not returning to a fixed address after treatment, you may be given access to accommodation options as well as career advice if needed. You will also be given a phone number to contact if you relapse or require extra information, counsel, or treatment.

How does the addiction assessment process work?

Your needs and the best way for a service to help you will be evaluated by an initial assessment. You must go through an examination the first time you use any New York drug or alcohol service, whether it is for free or not. Inquiries about your substance usage and general well-being will be made, to get the bigger picture of your relationship with substance abuse. Additionally, you will need to give a urine sample, and sometimes blood work will be done.

Local government assistance for addiction treatment in New York

Did you know that your local New York government can help you with drug and alcohol addiction? There are several free and accessible programs across the state that aim to help individuals to manage their addiction and encourage them to seek help. Many of these resources can also be accessed online. Here is a list of local government assistance options for addiction that may interest you.

Office of Addiction Services and Supports -  A comprehensive system of addiction support available in New York. Resources include payment help for treatment, advice for families, and training for rehab practitioners. 

Uninsured Care Programs - Dedicated help for uninsured individuals to access drug and alcohol support. There are many free options for treatment and rehab that don’t require health insurance to access.