What treatment options are available in Nebraska?

Treatment options will vary depending on the facility you choose, what you are addicted to, and the kind of help you need. 

Nebraska rehabs offer treatment options like outpatient, intensive care, long-term residential care, 12-step programs, detox programs and behavioral therapy. 

Some Nebraska rehabs have programs that offer treatment to senior citizens, military personnel, adolescent teens, LGBTQIA individuals, and professionals battling their addictions. 

Here are the Nebraska rehab centers that provide addiction treatment:

Residential rehab centers in Nebraska

Alcohol and drug detox centers in Nebraska

Nebraska outpatient alcohol and drugs treatment centers

Addiction treatment centers for teens and young people

How do I pay for rehab in Nebraska?

While there are plenty of rehab centers in Nebraska, the challenge comes when it’s time to pay. Rehab costs are high, but they provide effective services delivered by trained professionals to give you the help you need.

You can get assistance paying for your rehab from your family, friends, and relatives through crowdfunding. If this isn’t a viable option for you, there are private and public insurance plans that cover addiction treatment. 

With the increase in addiction rates in the state, Many rehab centers now have a sliding scale program that allows you to pay based on your income and split up the amount into installment payments.

Government assistance for addiction treatment in Nebraska

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services is committed to the treatment and recovery of individuals dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. 

Through the Division of Behavioral Health, the department offers crisis response and inpatient care services to help individuals get the help they need. If a resident of Nebraska doesn’t have insurance, they could be eligible for Division of Behavioral Health funding to access treatment. 

In 2020, the State of Nebraska also accepted federal funding to expand Medicaid. Now more people can have health insurance and get treatment for their substance or drug addiction.

You can reach the Division of Behavioral Health at (402) 471-7860