What treatment options are available in Oregon?

Oregon rehab centers offer different kinds of treatment according to your unique needs. Individuals with a history of addiction with severe withdrawal symptoms could benefit from residential or inpatient rehab treatment. 

Other treatment options like outpatient rehab work better for addicts who need less support and are recovering. 

Here are rehab centers in  Oregon where you can get addiction treatment:

Self-funded rehabs in Oregon

Oregon rehab centers that accept Medicaid/ Medicare or other state assistance

Addiction & detox centers in Oregon for teens and young people

Addiction Treatment programs for seniors in Oregon

Oregon Treatment Facilities that accept military assistance

How do I pay for rehab in Oregon?

The most crucial part of seeking addiction treatment is paying for it. With various payment options available for substance abuse treatment, it's up to you to select the one that fits your budget. 

Rehab costs are primarily determined by the rehab center’s location, the treatment you need, and whether you are going for inpatient or outpatient services

You can use insurance plans and self-pay in most rehab and detox centers in Oregon. Some centers offer payment plans like installments which are easier to handle for most low and middle-income individuals. 

If you aren’t insured or can't pay in cash, there are rehab centers that offer payment assistance so you can get the help you need.

Local government assistance in Oregon

The Oregon Health Authority(OHA) offers Addiction Services to help improve health and safety through a coordinated alcohol and drug prevention and recovery system. 

Oregon State is committed to establishing a more health-based, honest, and practical approach to drug addiction. Instead of responding to addiction cases with criminalization, they now want to prioritize treatment and recovery. 

If you’re considering going for a medical detox program, you should consider Medicaid because substance abuse treatment is covered under mental health services in this state. 

They also offer Oregon Health Plan Coverage, Oregon's form of Medicaid, to cover a range of drug and alcohol treatment programs. The plan accepts children, seniors, pregnant women, and people living with disabilities. 

OHA is working on expanding the use of peer-delivered services in helping to transform the behavioral health system and encourage addiction recovery. 

Contact the Oregon Health Authority for any addiction services or questions through their Alcohol and Drug Helpline: 1-800-923-4357.