What treatment options are available in Arizona?

Finding a treatment therapy that you are confident with and that will be beneficial to you will help ensure that you have the best chance of overcoming addiction. Treatment that is comfortable and trustworthy to you or the loved one for whom you are seeking rehab can help you or them respond better.

For example, individual therapy may be the preferred course of treatment for some people, while psychotherapy may be more appropriate for others. Choosing the right therapy in Arizona should be done with an open mind. When looking for rehab, there are several factors to take into account, such as location, cost, and type of care provided. 

Some of the treatment options that are available in Arizona include:

How do I pay for rehab in Arizona?

While rehab is the best solution for overcoming drug and alcohol addiction, it is not accessible to everyone. Often, people, who need rehab the most are the ones who cannot engage with it. This may be due to a lack of available rehabs in their area, a lack of support from family and friends, co-occurring mental disorders, or not being in the right mindset to engage with therapy. Most often, however, it is a lack of funding that acts as a barrier to rehab.

The most common way to pay for rehab is through your private health insurance policy. This may be part of your employer's policy or a family policy. This type of insurance will cover most types of drug and alcohol rehab in Arizona.

You can also pay for rehab through Medicare or Medicaid programs, also known as public insurance. Accessing rehab through these programs means that the cost is reduced to a single payment. This may vary depending on the length of your stay.

What is residential rehab in Arizona like?

The experience of residential rehab in Arizona is designed to be standardized, comfortable, and structured. You will have a plan while in residential recovery, which will include set hours for meals and activities.

Your day will start early, at approximately 8 am, when breakfast will be served. After that, the morning and afternoon portions of the day will be separated. The afternoon is when you may participate in leisure or educational activities or perhaps have some free time to pursue other hobbies. The morning is often set aside for treatment and therapy. You will return to your room at a certain time in the evening, and be recommended to sleep at set times.

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Local government assistance

You may get assistance from the state of Arizona in several ways, including therapy, counseling, and everything in between. You should be conscious of the different forms of help provided by your municipal government, many of which won't cost you anything. Here is a list of resources for local government rehab assistance in Arizona.

Arizona State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) - A meeting of Arizona state governors to codify and understand key factors impacting barriers to rehab in the community, and provide actionable recommendations for health providers to provide the best possible support for those needing rehab therapy.

Arizona Women's Recovery Center - A safe space for women suffering from substance abuse in Arizona to find treatment, a network, resources, housing, employment, and more. The center offers outpatient treatment assisted, semi-independent living. 

Arizona Substance Abuse Partnership - This service provides comprehensive information on the services that are available to you or a loved one so that you can make an educated choice. You can talk to a dedicated support agent who can assist you, give advice and direct you to further support. There is a range of materials for prevention.