What treatment options are available in West Virginia?

The treatment options available in this state will vary depending on your addiction, age, and the rehab facility you choose. Some treatment options in West Virginia rehab centers include behavioral therapy, Outpatient treatment, detoxification, alcohol addiction treatment, opioid addiction treatment, and medication-assisted treatment.

Here is a list of rehab centers you can find in West Virginia:

Alcohol addiction rehab centers in West Virginia

Opioid addiction rehab centers in West Virginia

Detox centers In West Virginia

Rehab centers in West Virginia that offer adolescents addiction treatment services

  • The Safehaven Campaign
  • Seneca Health Services

  • Valley Healthcare System

  • FMRS Health Systems Inc

  • Eastridge Health Systems

  • Westbrook Health Services

How do I pay for rehab in West Virginia?

Paying for rehabilitation can be overwhelming, especially if you require inpatient treatment on long-term care for your sobriety. 

But that shouldn't discourage you because there are many ways you can pay for the treatment without breaking your bank. If you can't pay in cash, you should get a private or public insurance plan like Medicaid to help cover some costs. If you are a veteran or military personnel, West Virginia rehab centers accept military insurance cover to cover treatment.

If you don't qualify for any of these insurance plans, you can reach out to the specific rehab center and find out if they have other payment options available. Some facilities offer free healthcare services, while others will agree to a payment plan so you can access treatment.

Government assistance for addiction treatment in West Virginia

The West Virginia Bureau of Behavioral Health (BBH) is a designated state authority tasked with dealing with mental health and substance abuse. 

The BBH offers recovery resources to individuals battling addiction, and through the State Opioid Response (SOR), they provide free transportation and subsidized recovery services to West Virginia residents. 

You can reach the BBH through their emotional strength line 877-HELP304