What treatment options are available in South Carolina?

South Carolina rehab centers offer various treatment options to individuals suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Some treatment options include inpatient treatment, behavioral therapy, Counseling, education, residential treatment, and detox services to help with addiction. 

Some rehab centers even offer specialized programs for veterans, women, adolescents, and seniors living in South Carolina. You can find the rehab centers that provide these options below.

Rehab centers for alcohol addiction in South Carolina

  • The Phoenix Center
  • Ernest E Kennedy Center 

  • Fairfield Behavioural Health Services

  • New Life Center

  • Gateway Counseling Center

Rehab centers for Opioid addiction in South Carolina

  • Alpha Behavioural health center
  • Starting Point of Darlington

  • Lee Center

  • Trinity Behavioural Care

  • Counseling services of Lancaster

Rehab centers with inpatient treatment in South Carolina

  • Charleston Recovery center
  • Miracle Hill renewal center

  • Oaks Recovery center

  • Ace Recovery for men

  • Faith Home of Abbeville

Rehab centers that offer detox for adolescents in South Carolina

  • Beaufort county 
  • Aiken center

  • Ernest E Kennedy Center

  • Trinity Behavioural Care

  • ALPHA Behavioral Health Center

How do I pay for rehab?

Many people want to seek addiction treatment, but they can’t afford to pay for rehab costs. Rehab prices vary because of location, your needed services, and the length of your addiction treatment. 

If you can’t pay out of pocket for the treatment, you should get either public or private insurance to help cover some of the rehab costs. Public insurance plans like Medicare and Medicaid are available in South Carolina. 

There are also state-funded treatment facilities that offer free or no-cost care to individuals who need the care but are unable to pay in full.

Local government assistance

The South Carolina Department of Alcohol and other drug abuse services is working to help the over 400,000 people in South Carolina dealing with substance-related problems. 

They have mental health and addiction counselors who will listen and provide the necessary resources and services. You can also get information about recovery and support groups in the area near you. 

You can contact them on their phone: 803.896.5555