Addiction treatment options available in Alabama

Many treatments in Alabama rehab centers can help you deal with substance abuse or alcohol addiction. Some standard treatment options include group and individual therapy, counseling, Inpatient/residential rehab treatment, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and Outpatient and detox centers. 

The kind of treatment you will receive depends on your addiction, age, gender, and other factors unique to you as an individual. Trained health professionals deliver these treatment services in a safe environment to help you curb your addiction.

Treatment options available in Alabama include:

Alabama addiction statistics

  • Methamphetamine is reported as the most harmful substance of abuse in Alabama, with 5,902 individuals seeking meth addiction treatment in 2019
  • However, there have been dramatic increases in the amount of opioid-related overdoses in Alabama, with a 20% increase in deaths from 2019 to 2020
  • In 2018, Alabama providers wrote 97.5 opioid prescriptions for every 100 persons. The average U.S. rate was 51.4 per 100 people

How do I pay for rehab in Alabama?

The amount you pay in rehab primarily depends on the center's location, the level of care you need, and the type of treatment you receive. While outpatient treatment programs can cost less, they might not be adequate for an individual suffering from severe addiction.

Yes, you can pay most rehab centers in cash or credit card, but this can be difficult as treatment costs increase over time. If you are insured, you should check with your provider if they cover any rehab or addiction treatment. This can help reduce the cost of the services you need at the rehab center.

Most rehab facilities accept different forms of payment assistance like private Health insurance, Medicaid, Medicare Tricare, and state insurance.

State-sponsored health benefits like Medicare and Medicaid are only available for eligible residents of Alabama. To be eligible, you need to meet certain age and income requirements.

Local government assistance in Alabama

The Alabama Department of Mental Health (ADMH) collaborates with community-based providers to offer substance abuse outpatient and inpatient/residential treatment services to individuals suffering from addiction.

With the help of ADMH, state-funded rehab centers can offer treatment services on a sliding scale based on an individual’s income. This way, low-income earners can access addiction treatment services at a lower cost or for free.

Upon contacting a service provider in Alabama, you will undergo a screening process, and the assessment will determine the appropriate level of care you need depending on your addiction.

The Alabama Department of Mental Health ensures that adolescent services, medication-assisted treatment, women’s treatment, and co-occurring services are provided to the residents of Alabama. 

If you or a family member is struggling with addiction, you can reach out via the helpline for the Division of Mental Health &Substance Abuse Services at 334-242-3642