What treatment options are available in North Dakota

The treatment options In North Carolina vary depending on your chosen facility and the treatment you need. Some common treatment options in these rehab centers include detox treatment,  intensive outpatient treatment, behavioral therapy, and specialized programs for teens and seniors.

Some facilities in the state also have LGBTQIA-friendly programs and treatment options that are sensitive to individuals who have suffered other forms of abuse like domestic abuse.

Here are some North Dakota rehab centers that offer these treatment options:

Detox Programs for teens and young adults

  • Summit Counseling Services
  • Lake Region Outreach Office

  • Prairie Saint Johns LLC

  • Lake Region Human Service Center

North Dakota rehab centers that offer residential treatment

  • Good Road Recovery Center
  • Heartview Foundation

  • Northeast Human Service Center

  • ShareHouse Inc

Rehabs in North Dakota that offer Substance abuse counseling services

  • Community Medical Services
  • Spectra Health

  • Sharehouse Inc

  • Drake Counseling Services Inc

How do I pay for rehab in North Dakota?

You can take advantage of different payment options to access addiction treatment. The rehab facilities in North Carolina will accept payment in cash. 

The cost might be higher if you need more extensive care and treatment. Thankfully, most centers accept private and public health insurance like Medicaid. If you qualify, Medicaid will cover a large part of the rehab treatment.

Getting treatment from friends or family members can also relieve you of some of the stress associated with seeking help at these rehab centers.

Government assistance for addiction treatment in North Dakota

The Behavioural Health Division in North Dakota is committed to helping individuals recover from drug and alcohol addiction. They offer peer support, counseling for opioid abuse, and treatment options for individuals dealing with pain medication addictions. 

The Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Voucher was also developed to increase access to quality treatment services for individuals battling drug addiction. They ensure service options are communicated to individuals and reduce financial barriers related to drug treatment. 

If you need to talk to someone about your addiction or get support, you can contact their 24/7 recovery talk to chat with a trained specialist.