What treatment options are available in Michigan?

The rehab and addiction facilities in Michigan offer various treatment options for seniors, teens, and other members of society. 

Depending on your specific needs, the healthcare services from these treatment institutions include inpatient, outpatient, therapy, or medication-assisted treatment. 

Below are some of the rehab centers located in Michigan:

Self-funded rehab centers in Michigan

Rehab centers in Michigan that accept Medicaid/Medicare or other state assistance

Addiction and detox centers for teens and young people in Michigan

Addiction treatment centers for seniors in Michigan

How do I pay for rehab in Michigan?

There are numerous payment options available if you intend to seek addiction treatment in Michigan. Almost all rehab facilities accept self-funding for their addiction treatment. This can include either cash or credit cards. 

Most rehabs also accept military, private health, and Medicaid as payment for their services.

Another option to consider is choosing rehab centers in Michigan that offer payment assistance on a sliding scale depending on your income. 

If any insurance doesn’t cover you, facilities like Jefferson House and Dawn Inc offer free/no-cost treatment to those in need if any insurance doesn't cover you.

Local government assistance in Michigan

Through the BH Recovery & Substance Abuse division under the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, the state of Michigan offers substance abuse treatment to individuals and community members. 

They carry out projects to help prevent alcohol and drug abuse, reduce underage drinking and offer Parent Awareness Programs to stop the cycle of addiction before it starts. 

Through the Office of Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (OROSC), the state also assists with inpatient health plans, overseas rehabilitation, and drug treatment facilities. It also offers a directory of treatment service providers in the area. 

You can join self-help groups from their website to help with your treatment and recovery. Michigan State also has a recovery month that aims to promote the message of recovery from alcohol and substance abuse and the social benefits of its treatment. 

If you, a friend, or a family member needs treatment in Michigan, you can call 800-834-3393 to get help in your county.