What treatment options are available in Iowa?

Rehabilitation centers in Iowa offer expert health services to people seeking to overcome addictions from alcohol, gambling, or drugs like Opioids. 

These structured environments offer treatments like inpatient treatment, gender-specific programs, detox centers, and group therapies from trained professionals to help reduce drug use. 

Below are Iowa rehabs that provide treatment to people dealing with substance and alcohol abuse:

Rehabs in Iowa that offer inpatient treatment services

Alcohol addiction treatment rehabs in Iowa

Addiction treatment Centers for seniors in Iowa

Addiction & detox centers in Iowa for teens and young people

How do I pay for rehab in Iowa?

The cost of treatment in Iowa rehab centers primarily depends on whether or not you have insurance, the length of treatment, and the services you need for your recovery. 

Most rehab centers in Iowa accept cash or credit card payments, private insurance plans, and military insurance like Tricare and Tricare Plus to help offset rehabilitation costs. 

A number of addiction treatment centers in Iowa also accept state assistance like Medicaid and Medicare. Regardless of your income status, you can find facilities that offer treatment services within your budget. 

Government assistance for rehab in Iowa

The Bureau of Substance Abuse in the Iowa Department of Public Health collects and uses data from licensed treatment agencies that help with decision-making to improve addiction treatment services. The data also aids in program delivery for addicted individuals. 

The Bureau of Substance Abuse also provides technical assistance and support to help prevent substance abuse in Iowa. They do this by collaborating with state-funded agencies on a community level to help deliver programs and initiatives aimed at preventing the use of alcohol and other drugs. 

If you are dealing with alcohol, drugs, or gambling problems, contact the Bureau of Substance Abuse by visiting YourLifeIowa.org or calling (855)581-8111.