What treatment options are available in Minnesota?

Rehab centers in Minnesota offer residential treatment, inpatient rehab treatment, outpatient addiction treatment, and medication-assisted treatment for individuals dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. 

Luxury private rehabs in Minnesota offer a comfortable place for alcohol detox and tailored therapies to help find the root cause of the substance use.

Here are some reliable rehab centers in Minnesota:

Self-funded rehab centers in Minnesota

Addiction treatment facilities in Minnesota that accept private health insurance

Addiction treatment programs for seniors in Minnesota

Addiction and detox centers in Minnesota for teens and young people

How do I pay for rehab in Minnesota?

Regardless of your income status, there are rehabilitation centers in Minnesota where you can get treatment to beat your addiction. While self-funding treatment using cash or credit cards works, it can be expensive, and not all who need treatment will be able to fund themselves. 

The cost of addiction will vary depending on the rehab center, the treatment option you need, and your location. Rehab centers in Minnesota also accept insurance and other forms of financial aid. 

In these facilities, you can use military, Medicaid, Medicare, private, or state-financed health insurance. Some addiction treatment facilities offer other financing options like installment plans which are more manageable for long-term treatment.

Local government assistance in Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Human Services supports counties and facilities across the state in providing treatment for substance use disorder, gambling, and addiction to tobacco and other drugs. They are also committed to developing programs, training, and maintaining the effective services offered by these treatment and rehab centers. 

DHS works with communities to prevent alcohol and substance use before it begins and offers assessment interviews and tests to determine an individual's unique needs. They also provide treatment services like inpatient and outpatient programs, halfway houses,  and detox centers for addicted individuals. 

The Minnesota Department of Health Services is constantly working on providing peer-based recovery support services like phone support, coaching, and support groups. As part of recovery DHS also helps recovering addicts access housing, vocational training, jobs, and transportation. 

For native communities, DHS allows for a more traditional healing approach to mental health, and substance use among American Indians delivered and designed by American Indians. The state ensures that 10 tribal nations in Minnesota receive grants to support traditional healing treatments in their communities. 

If you or a loved one is dealing with alcohol, drugs, or other addictions, you can contact them at 651-431-2460.