What treatment options are available in Maine?

Getting the proper treatment for your addiction is essential because it will determine the program's effectiveness. Addiction treatment centers in Maine have several treatment options to help you overcome your substance use disorder and live a productive life.

While therapy is one of the common treatment options proven to work for most behavioral addictions, other options will still help you live a substance-free life.

Here are some common examples of treatment options available in Maine:

How does the addiction assessment process work?

Addiction assessment is one of the first and most essential steps toward seeking rehab treatments for your addiction. When you enter a treatment facility, an evaluation happens so that they can create a suitable treatment plan and recommend the right therapy before you start.

One of the things you can expect in an addiction assessment process is questions to determine whether you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These questions may also address the extent of your addiction and the symptoms you are experiencing. 

There are also medical tests, so you will have to provide a sample of your urine and blood to help the specialists create a treatment plan for you. Your mental health is also evaluated during this addiction assessment process so they can prescribe the proper medications.

How do I pay for rehab in Maine?

One major deterrent for people seeking addiction treatment is the high rehab costs. Your price varies depending on your specific needs, whether you are insured, the length of treatment, and the rehab center you choose.

Because most people can’t afford to pay in cash, various payment methods are available in Maine rehab centers. Insurance will significantly reduce the amount you end up paying, whether private, military or public insurance like Medicaid.

Some treatment facilities offer free or low-cost addiction services to give people the tools they need to manage addiction. Other Maine rehab centers allow payment based on a sliding scale like an individual’s income.

Government assistance for addiction treatment in Maine

The Maine government has a Department of Health and Human Services that helps deal with substance use disorder and addiction problems in the state. Through the behavioral health office, the Maine government ensures that Maine residents have access to resources that will help them overcome their addiction using various projects and initiatives. 

The Office of Behavioral Health funds mental health and substance abuse disorders services, training, housing, and technical assistance to help Maine residents overcome addiction. The office also offers outpatient treatment services like outpatient, residential, and intensive programs to help people reduce their drug use. 

It ensures that residents suffering from addiction manage their symptoms and live healthy and dignified lives full of hope.

You can contact the Maine office of behavioral health at 207-287-2595.