What treatment options are available in Georgia?

Rehab centers offer addiction treatment for individuals struggling with opioid, heroin, cocaine, and alcohol addiction. 

These treatment facilities also offer specialized programs targeted at teens, seniors, and individuals who suffered previous traumas. Some popular treatment methods in Georgia include cognitive behavioral therapy, anger management,  12-step facilitation, and intensive outpatient detox. 

Here are some of the top rehab centers in Georgia:

Rehab centers for alcohol addiction in Georgia

  • The Summit Wellness Group
  • United Health and Wellness detox

  • Pineland BHDD

  • Alliance Recovery Center Athens

  • New Horizons Midtown recovery

Rehab centers for heroin addiction in Georgia

  • Atlanta Metro Treatment center
  • Charlie Norwood VAMC

  • Peachford Behavioural Health Systems

  • Southside Behavioral lifestyle 

  • Avita Community Partners

Rehab Centers for opioid addiction in Georgia

  • Augusta Metro Treatment center
  • New season Treatment center-Northwest Georgia

  • Columbus Metro Treatment center

  • Access health Treatment center LLC

  • River Edge Behavioural Health

Addiction treatment for teens and young people in Georgia

  • Pineland BHDD
  • The Coastal Harbor Treatment center

  • Pathways Center

  • Butts County Counseling center

  • River Edge Behavioral Health

  • Fayette County counseling center

Drug detox rehab centers in Georgia

  • Apex Assisted Recovery of Athens
  • Discovery House of Atlanta

  • Special Care New Vision

  • Atlanta Detox Center

  • Willingway substance abuse services

Rehab centers for Seniors in Georgia

  • Behavioral Health Group
  • McLeod Gaston Inc

  • Community Mental Health Center

  • Pineland BHDD

  • Coastal Harbor Treatment Center

  • Advantage Behavioral Health Systems

  • Someone Cares Inc of Atlanta

What is a day in a Georgia rehab like?

Rehab centers may differ, but they all offer structured programs for their residents. These treatment facilities provide a safe and healing space to get the help you need to curb drug use. 

Mornings consist of various classes depending on the center, like yoga, meditation, or other activities that relax the mind. The evenings include daily therapeutic sessions like group therapy, family therapy, or specialized therapy. 

You also get some free time at the rehab center to use however you choose. At the end of the day, there are usually other group sessions like 12-step meetings you can join.  These meetings provide a safe and anonymous environment to help with your sobriety. 

Healthy habits like sleeping at reasonable times are encouraged at rehab centers. With good quality sleep, you have more energy to participate in daily treatment programs and work towards your recovery.

How do I pay for rehab?

Paying for rehab can be expensive, especially for long-term care or inpatient treatment. Georgia rehabs offer multiple payment options for individuals struggling with drug addiction.

If you can’t pay the treatment cost in cash, most Georgia rehab centers accept state-funded insurance like Medicaid if you qualify. They also take military and private health insurance plans to increase access to their addiction treatment services.

If all these options are unavailable, you can reach out to friends and family to help cover the rehab costs. Platforms like GoFundMe allow you to raise the money you need quickly to get your treatment as soon as possible.

Government assistance for rehabs in Georgia

The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Development Disabilities offers substance abuse prevention services to Georgia residents. The Georgia government is carrying out various initiatives and programs to fund statewide efforts for alcohol and substance abuse prevention efforts. 

The division’s behavioral health services goal is to build a recovery-oriented system of care that provides access to behavioral health treatment and support services to individuals struggling with addiction.

They ensure that women, men, adolescents, and people with disabilities can access treatment in Georgia.

They also offer recovery services to all individuals regardless of circumstances to pursue fulfilling lives in the community. You can contact the Division of Behavioral Health Services at 404 657 2252.