Scott Keatley

Scott Keatley


Registered Dietitian and Entrepreneur, Scott harnesses the power of nutrition to foster health and well-being. At Keatley Medical Nutrition Therapy, he co-leads a team dedicated to empowering individuals through personalized nutrition care, with a focus on conditions like diabetes, obesity, and sports nutrition. His innovative approach to telehealth has set new standards in patient engagement and care delivery.

His journey in health media is marked by significant contributions to esteemed outlets such as Runner's World, NBC News, and Prevention. As the COO of Bushwick Bites and former Managing Editor of Tasty Bytes (2017-2023), Scott has been at the forefront of merging gastronomy with digital media, offering unique perspectives to a diverse audience. In these roles, he has championed sustainability and technological integration, driving growth and spearheading initiatives that resonate with contemporary culinary and tech-savvy audiences.

Scott's commitment to nutrition science and education extends to his role on the Scientific Advisory Council of MyFitnessPal, where he contributes to shaping health and fitness guidance grounded in scientific research. Additionally, as a Lecturer in Nutrition at the City University of New York, he educates future leaders in nutrition, sharing insights and experiences to inspire and cultivate expertise in the field.

Founding Run Sicily in 2022 was a natural progression of his lifelong dedication to nutrition and running, blending these passions into a lifestyle brand that advocates for health, endurance, and the joy of running. Across all his endeavors, his goal is to inspire positive change, promote healthful living, and innovate within the intersections of nutrition, technology, and media.