How Much Does Meth Cost?

Methamphetamine, most commonly known as meth, is a synthetic stimulant that is chemically similar to amphetamines such as Adderall. Meth causes feelings of alertness, euphoria, and increased energy due to its effects on dopamine levels in the brain. Meth starts out in powdered form and is often ‘cooked’ with other chemicals to create a glass-like substance that is shattered into rocks and smoked. This is known as crystal meth. As with all illicit substances, meth and crystal meth street prices vary greatly.

What is the street price of a hit of meth?

A hit (single dose) of crystal meth can cost as little as $5 and is often 100% pure. This means that individuals can get highly addictive meth at low prices, causing dependence on the substance to form quickly.

The low cost and short-lived high also means that users will binge meth, with sessions lasting for hours if not days. Chronic use such as this builds tolerance to the drug faster, and will often lead to meth dependence forming rapidly.

How much does a gram of meth cost?

The average price of a single gram of meth can vary anywhere from $20 to $500 depending on purity and location, though prices do not tend to exceed $100.[1]

A gram of powdered meth that costs less than $50 is likely to contain far less methamphetamine and will often be cut with other substances such as hayfever tablets or more harmful chemicals such as red phosphorus. 

Cheap crystal meth can be even more harmful as dealers will often add harmful chemicals during the cooking process as well as other drugs that can lead to severe health risks. 

The price of a kilo of meth

A kilo of meth may cost $2,500 or in excess of $120,000.[1]

The street cost of a kilo of meth can vary greatly owing to where it is sourced from and also whether it is powder or crystal meth. Sales of meth in large weights are rarely performed by street-level dealers and will instead be distributed out from drug lords or kingpins for specific areas.

What is an 8 ball of meth and how much is it?

An 8-ball refers to a weight measurement of drugs (such as weed and cocaine) that is 1/8th of an ounce, or 3.5 grams.

An 8-ball of meth will often sell for between $70 and $90 but as with other meth prices, this can go up depending on the purity. 

How much is a pound of meth?

Low-level drug dealers and those looking to purchase in large quantities will sometimes buy meth by the pound. Methamphetamine can cost between $1,200 and $55,000 per pound wholesale, with the cost varying wildly depending on location and quality. 

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What affects the price of meth?

Like with all illicit substances, there are a variety of factors that affect the cost of meth. The main areas that change meth costs are:

Availability - Illicit drug production and distribution is an illegal activity that costs the government billions of dollars per year. Increased law presence tends to force drug manufacturers to limit their production, making the sale of substances like meth riskier and therefore higher. 

Purity - Methamphetamine can be mixed with a variety of other substances that can cause different side effects and feelings. Most of these combinations make the drug even more dangerous to take. For example, mixing meth with potent opioids like fentanyl greatly increases the risk of opioid overdose. These dangerous drug combinations affect the average purity and also tend to increase prices. 

Location - As with availability, where drugs are produced dictates their price. Meth tends to be produced in the south and Mexico by Mexican drug cartels, meaning states in this area tend to have more access to the substance. The same is also true of larger cities, where crime rates and drug dealing tend to be higher, making the substance more readily obtainable.[3]

The cost of meth addiction vs treatment

Meth addiction may not appear to be a financial burden when looking at the price of a single hit, but these costs add up. For example, a meth addict can spend between $12,800 and $38,300 per year on buying the quantities of meth needed to support their habit.

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The financial cost is not the biggest loss a person with methamphetamine addiction faces, however. As with all forms of substance use disorder, meth addiction greatly impacts health (both mental and physical), oral hygiene, relationships, family, work, education, and just about all areas of life. Once a person has developed a dependence on meth they will often find their lives spiraling out of control and may find it hard to recognize and hold onto the important parts of themselves outside of their addiction. 

Stimulant addiction treatment centers can offer help and support for those suffering from all types of substance use disorder, including meth. Though many see them as too expensive or inaccessible, getting treatment for a substance use disorder is always less than the cost of supporting a drug addiction. If you or someone you care about is suffering from addiction, contact a treatment provider today.