How Much Does Cocaine Cost?

Cocaine was once seen as the illicit substance of choice for the wealthy owing to its high street cost. However, in recent years the price of cocaine has dropped in certain areas, making it more popular and readily available.

What is the street price of cocaine?

The cost of cocaine varies greatly across the United States. There are many reasons for variation in cocaine cost between states including the purity of the drug, the socioeconomic status of the area, the popularity of the substance, its purity, and the presence of crime.

As with all substance abuse, the cost of supporting addiction always outweighs that of receiving treatment.

how much is a gram of cocaine?

The most common street price for a gram of cocaine in the US is around $120.[1] However, this can vary drastically by state, how close to cocaine manufacturers it is bought (a gram of cocaine in Colombia costs as little as $4), and how close to heavily populated urban areas it is bought.

How much is a kilo of cocaine?

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime puts the price of a kilo of cocaine in the US at $28,000, though other estimates suggest it is as high as $70,000.

As with the price of a gram of cocaine, the cost of a kilo changes depending on the area in is bought in, even within the same state. For example in Massachusetts, one kilo of cocaine in Boston usually costs between $29,000 and $39,000, $31,000 and $38,000 in Springfield and around $30,000 to $36,500 in Worcester. 

What is an 8-ball of cocaine and how much is it?

An 8-ball of cocaine, or other drugs such as meth, is a weight measurement of the substance that is equal to 3.5 grams, or an 8th of an ounce

Most reports suggest that an 8-ball of cocaine will cost between $120 and $300.

Selling drugs such as cocaine, crack, and heroin in 8-ball weights has been popular since the 1970s as many drug users will prefer to have larger quantities of the drug and most dealers will offer a special price for 8-balls. 

How many grams are in a zip of cocaine?

A zip also called a 'zone', is a 1-ounce measurement, equivalent to 28 grams. The term 'zip' comes from the 'z' in oz, the abbreviation of ounce. 

A zip of cocaine may cost as little as $450 in some areas and over $2,000 for purer cocaine.

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Get help during Covid-19

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What affects the price of cocaine?

Like with all illicit substances, there are a variety of factors that affect the cost of cocaine. The main areas that change cocaine costs are:

Purity - cocaine can be mixed with a variety of other substances that can cause different side effects and feelings. Most of these combinations make the drug even more dangerous to take. For example, mixing cocaine with other stimulants like meth greatly increases the risk of overdose. These dangerous drug combinations also tend to increase prices. 

Availability - Illicit drug production and distribution is an illegal activity that costs the government billions of dollars per year in trying to control it. Increased law presence tends to force drug manufacturers to limit their production, making the sale of substances like cocaine riskier and therefore higher. 

Location - As with availability, where drugs are produced dictates their price. Cocaine tends to be produced in South America as that is where the materials for making it originate. It is then trafficked into North America, most commonly through Mexico. This means states in this area tend to have more access to the substance. The same is also true of larger cities, where crime rates and drug dealing tend to be higher, making the substance more readily obtainable.[2] Read here to learn more about how cocaine is made and why it affects cost. 

Is cocaine addiction more expensive than treatment?

Cocaine addiction can be incredibly expensive. For example, a person with a severe cocaine addiction can spend $170,000 per year on buying the drug. This can lead to heavy financial losses and crippling debt.

Visit here for more information on the cost of addiction.

The financial cost is not the biggest loss a person with cocaine addiction faces, however. As with all forms of substance use disorder, cocaine addiction greatly impacts health (both mental and physical, relationships, family, work, education, and just about all areas of life. Once a person has developed a dependence on cocaine they will often find their lives spiraling out of control and may find it hard to recognize and hold onto the important parts of themselves outside of their addiction. 

Addiction treatment centers can offer help and support for those suffering from all types of substance use disorder, including cocaine. Though many see them as too expensive or inaccessible, getting treatment for a cocaine use disorder is always less than the cost of supporting a drug addiction. If you or someone you care about is suffering from addiction, contact a treatment provider today.