While new regulations around marijuana mean that it is available legally in many states for medical purposes, it is still not 100% legal across the United States. This means that some states still have illicit marijuana with varying costs.

How much does marijuana cost on the street?

Many states now have relaxed marijuana laws that allow people to access the drug legally for medical reasons or have decriminalized it so there are no risks of arrest for possession or consumption. 

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This is not true of every state however and the cost of illicit marijuana can vary greatly depending on availability, location, and demand. Here are the averages for illicit marijuana in the US by size quantity.

How much is a gram of marijuana?

A gram of marijuana costs between $10 and $20 and usually is enough to create two joints. This means the average cost of a joint is $5 to $10.

How much is an eighth of marijuana?

An eighth of weed equates to around 3.5 grams and will typically cost around $40. This will normally supply five joints.

How much is an ounce of marijuana?

One ounce of weed will typically cost about $300. While smaller amounts are often seen by law officials as intended for personal use, an ounce or more of marijuana in your possession could lead to jail time.

How much is a pound of marijuana?

A pound of marijuana will typically cost about $2,500 and is normally only sold or manufactured with the intent of supplying illegally.

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What affects the price of marijuana?

Climate and location are the main factors that influence the availability of marijuana, and thus the price. If an area has the right temperature to grow marijuana and there is a heavy supply in the area, the cost will likely be lower. 

Similarly, if marijuana is legal in an area the price of illicit or street marijuana will often be lower as it is in less demand.

Is street marijuana stronger than medicinal marijuana?

The potency of the marijuana bought on the street, supplied medically, or sold in a dispensary will vary along with the price. In areas where marijuana is legal, dispensaries will likely provide stronger marijuana than homegrown varieties, further lowering the price of marijuana bought on the street.

Some illicit marijuana growers will change the chemical composition of their marijuana to make it stronger or include synthetic cannabinoids to reduce manufacturing costs. Both of these methods of adapting marijuana can be dangerous and could lead those that buy it to have negative reactions.

Treatment for marijuana addiction

Though marijuana is available legally in many states today and is widely used to treat chronic pain conditions, it still holds the risk of dependence and addiction forming when abused.

If you or someone you know is suffering from a marijuana use disorder then contact a treatment provider today. Treatment facilities and rehab centers can provide the help and support needed to stop marijuana abuse and live a sober life.