By Edmund Murphy

Last updated: 29 May 2024 & medically reviewed by Dr. Jenni Jacobsen

12-panel drug tests offer a more comprehensive screening than 10-panel tests and are primarily used by employers to detect prescription opioids like oxycodone as well as party drugs like ecstasy and molly (MDMA).

What is a 12-panel test?

The 12-panel drug test is an in-depth drug screening most commonly used by employers. It can detect the same drug metabolites as a 10-panel test while offering more rigorous detection of opioid drugs like oxycodone and hydrocodone. 

How is a 12-panel test collected?

The 12-panel drug test is often screened as a urine sample, though hair follicle tests can also be performed. Hair follicle testing is done if the drug being tested for was taken up to 90 days prior. Read here to learn more about the types of drug test.

What drugs does a 12-panel test detect?

When will I be asked to take a 12-panel drug test?

The most common use of 12-panel drug tests is by employers requiring tests of current or prospective employees. Other settings that may require a 12-panel test include:

  • Medical screening: Your doctor may order a 12-panel drug test as part of your care.

  • Legal or forensic information: You may be required to take a drug test if you’ve been arrested or are part of a surveillance program.

  • Sports/athletics testing: Some athletic competitions require drug testing prior to competing.

  • Monitoring pain medication use: A 12-panel drug test can be used to monitor your treatment and the level of any medications in your system.

    A medical professional can help you determine when a 12-panel drug test is the right testing option for you.