By Edmund Murphy

Last updated: 28 September 2023 & medically reviewed by Dr. Jenni Jacobsen

6-panel drug tests are less frequently used than 5 or 10-panel tests and typically use urine samples for detecting drug metabolites.

What is a 6-panel drug test?

A 6-panel drug test screens for the same metabolites as a 5-panel test, with addition of MDMA metabolites for ecstasy and molly.

What drugs are tested for in a 6-panel test?

What sample methods are used for 6-panel drug tests?

The 6-panel drug test is most commonly sampled as a urine drug screen. However, blood, hair follicle, and saliva tests can also be used under lab conditions. These forms of 6-panel drug tests are not usually available for home use. Read here for more information on the different types of drug tests.

Where can I get a 6-panel drug test?

6-panel drug tests are available to order online, through dedicated retailers, through your local doctors, and in medical facilities. For employment, legal, and athletic purposes a specific test provider may be required.