Best Addiction Recovery Podcasts

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Written by Ioana Cozma on 04 December 2023
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Addiction recovery podcasts help you get the right information to start or continue your journey to sobriety. These shows also prove to be good sources of motivation to help you prevent relapses. However, listening to podcasts that align with your style and needs is typically more helpful. This article helps you by analyzing seven such podcasts in terms of their unique value points, notable guests, tone, and prominent themes.

Best Addiction Recovery Podcasts

Why are podcasts useful in addiction recovery?

Podcasts can be incredibly useful for those in addiction recovery as they offer the listener a chance to reflect on their journey, give advice and tips on managing sobriety, and let them know they are not alone. 

One of the most powerful tools available to those in recovery is sharing stories and experiences with one another. By sharing and illuminating struggles and successes we have experienced, we can gain a deeper understanding of our own journey and see situations from new perspectives. This makes podcasts a powerful aid when going through recovery as they give us a window into others' journeys and allow us to reflect on our own.

Below are seven recovery-centric podcasts we have selected that offer a broad overview of the various aspects of addiction and the recovery process. 

1. The Bubble Hour

The Bubble Hour” podcast, hosted by Jean McCarthy, a recovery author and blogger, features real people sharing their stories about addiction and recovery. However, the show focuses especially on early sobriety and women’s experiences.

The podcast’s subjects range from personal stories of drinking and recovery to sobriety tools. The Bubble Hour has featured over 50 authors, including Clare Pooley, Ann Dowsett Johnston, Amanda Eyre Ward, Ruby Warrington, and Erica C Barnett. 

Its tone is one of hope, empathy, and encouragement, aiming to be part of the listener's “bubble” – a space filled with positive and comforting elements that support sobriety.

2. Recovery Happy Hour

Recovery Happy Hour,” hosted by Tricia Lewis, shares inspiring stories of recovery from alcohol addiction and gray area alcohol abuse. Tricia Lewis also struggled with an emotional and physical addiction to alcohol. She stopped drinking in November 2016 and shares her journey along with others’ stories.

The podcast focuses on life beyond the bottle and explores a range of topics, such as “Drinking & Exercise,” “People Pleasing,” and “Sobriety vs. Recovery.” Notable episodes have featured guests like Briddick Webb, Mike Shipp, and “The Sober Surgeon.” The podcast’s tone is supportive, emphasizing that life doesn't end after quitting alcohol but can be fulfilling and worth living.

3. The Addicted Mind Podcast

The Addicted Mind Podcast” explores addiction thoroughly from two standpoints: new research and treatment options. Hosted by Duane Osterlind and with 260 episodes to date, the podcast had the time to cover multiple addiction-related topics. 

Notable subjects explored different types of behavioral addictions like sex and porn addiction, substance use stigma, and real stories from real people. 

Important guests include Dr. Paula Hall, Dr. Arun Gupta, and Dr. Holly Richmond, as well as regular people like Halima Anderson or Randal Bowman.

The tone is educational and empathetic, striking a balance between professional insights and personal narratives.

4. Addiction Unlimited

The “Addiction Unlimited” podcast is hosted by Angela Pugh, a Professional Coach and ex-party-girl turned sober entrepreneur, and first aired over five years ago. The show wants to help listeners with practical advice, coping strategies, and life hacks.

These tools are presented in episodes such as “Tools You Can Use to Quiet the Never-Ending Mind Chatter,” “Alcoholism and Relationships: Navigating the Impact of Addiction on Personal Relationships,” and “The Myth of Rock Bottom When You’re High-Functioning.” 

Angela’s approach is also direct and no-nonsense, while also maintaining a positive and empowering tone.

5. The Unruffled Podcast

The Unruffled Podcast” examines how creativity can help people in recovery. With 208 episodes, the show hosts, Sondra Primeaux and Tammi Salascovers, explore topics like navigating emotions in recovery, maintaining sobriety during different seasons, or celebrating milestones in recovery.

The tone is reflective and supportive, focusing on recovery’s emotional and creative aspects. It emphasizes the joy and fulfillment found in sobriety, particularly through creative endeavors. Topics include safety as a privilege, tools for anxiety, and how to break from overworking.

Notable guests include unconventional figures, such as professional Tarot reader Carrie Mallon astrologer Natha Campanella, or certified Money Coach Linda Parmer.

6. Dopey

Dopey,” hosted by Dave Manheim, is a unique podcast thanks to its focus on the dark comedy aspect of substance use and recovery. The show has evolved to a more empowering tone over the years, especially after the tragic drug overdose death of the other host, Chris, in July 2018.

“Dopey” is known for its unfiltered, raw discussions with an edgy humor and candid style. Topics include drug addiction, recovery, the impact of drugs on mental health, relationships, and society. Prominent guests like Jamie Lee Curtis, comedy icon Margaret Cho, or Steven Adler of Guns N’ Roses also recount their misadventures in the world of addiction.

7. Breaking Free: Your Recovery. Your Way.

The “Breaking Free: Your Recovery. Your Way.” podcast, hosted by Liv and Tiffany, appeals to those seeking a more personalized and thriving recovery experience.

The podcast approaches recovery from a personal growth angle. For example, a notable episode included discussions on setting body and food-related boundaries during holidays. Another episode delved into self-expectation, particularly relevant to female entrepreneurs, discussing the need for realistic self-expectations. The theme of self-forgiveness is also explored, emphasizing its importance in recovery. 

The podcast has featured important guests, such as Dr. Jamie Marich on trauma healing, creativity, and mindfulness, and Lynn Matti on the influence of childhood trauma on addiction.

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