Dr. Jenni Jacobsen

Dr. Jenni Jacobsen


Dr. Jenni Jacobsen is a licensed social worker through the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist Board. She has over seven years of working in the social work field, working with clients with addiction-related and mental health diagnoses. They are also Assistant Professor of Social Work at Mount Vernon Nazarene University.

Jenni has a PhD in Psychology from Northcentral University and a master’s in Social Work from Ohio State University. She has worked as a freelance writer for over a decade, writing content related to addiction, mental health, fitness, and general health and wellness.

Education, honors, and professional experience

  • The Ohio State University - Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • The Ohio State University - Master of Social Work
  • Northcentral University - Doctor of Philosophy in Health Psychology
  • Mount Vernon Nazarene University - Social Work Assistant Professor
  • Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center - Psychologist Associate
  • Richland County Children Services - Social Worker

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