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Accreditation(s) indicate the organization's national, state, or industry recognition for the treatment of substance use disorders and or mental health conditions.
Medication designed to help with withdrawal symptoms and cravings may be offered as part of an addiction treatment program.
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Find Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers in Colorado

There are 366 rehabilitation centers that offer treatment for alcohol and drug addictions in Colorado. These rehabs offer various treatment options, including 46 inpatient treatment programs, 341 outpatient programs, and 72 offering medically-supervised detox. Below are the best addiction rehabs in Colorado based on our Recovered Trustscore rating system.

The top 5 rated rehabs in Colorado

These rehab centers have the best Recovered Trustscore reviews in Colorado and offer a range of treatments for drug and alcohol use disorders as well as mental health and recovery resources.

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Inpatient rehab facilities in Colorado

These centers offer inpatient and residential treatment in Colorado. Inpatient treatment centers offer a safe environment free of distractions where visitors can detox from substances, participate in therapy, and benefit from a dedicated support network over the course of a 30-90 day treatment plan.

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Outpatient addiction treatment programs in Colorado

These facilities offer outpatient treatment programs in Colorado. Outpatient treatment providers can assist in detox, withdrawal management, therapy, and long-term recovery programs in a walk-in or partial hospitalization setting.

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Drug & alcohol detox (MAT) programs in Colorado

Medication assistance ensures substance detox is completed safely and with minimal withdrawal discomfort, as well as providing medication to help with long-term recovery. These centers in Colorado offer medication-assisted detox.

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Colorado rehabs for adolescents and children

Substance abuse and addiction can start at a young age and children are particularly vulnerable to substance use disorders. These addiction rehab centers in Colorado offer tailored treatments for young people who are struggling with addiction.

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Rehabs specializing in drug addiction in Colorado

Overcoming drug addiction without professional help is extremely difficult. Colorado offers a range of rehab options to ensure that you get the best treatment to meet your needs and get free of drug addiction.

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Rehabs specializing in alcohol addiction in Colorado

Alcohol addiction affects nearly 30m American adults and only 1.5m receive professional treatment. Colorado has rehab treatment programs for alcohol use disorders in both residential and outpatient settings, as well as medically assisted detox to ensure the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol are managed safely.

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Dual diagnosis rehab centers treating co-occurring disorders in Colorado

Substance use disorders often occur alongside or due to another mental health disorder, making it difficult to overcome either. These treatment centers in Colorado offer treatment for co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders ensuring the best chance at long-term recovery.

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Rehab centers utilize structured, evidence-based treatment for substance use disorders and behavioral issues. Some facilities offer inpatient care either in a luxury, residential, or hospital setting while others have outpatient programs for those with less severe substance use disorders.

Most of these centers cater to different age groups, offer specialized treatment (such as opioid addiction treatment), and have a variety of payment options such as Medicaid and Medicare. Below are the top-rated addiction rehab centers in Colorado.

The Recovered Trustscore is calculated from a facility's online reviews and verified accreditations, A Bayesian average is applied to all rehabs to ensure fair visibility. Read here for more info

Counseling and Therapy Services for CO Residents

Counselors and therapists are equipped to help people with substance use disorders understand where their addictive behavior stems from, develop tools to control cravings, and explore further treatment options.

Northwest Colorado Health



Resources and support for behavioral health issues including substance misuse

  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)