Morgan Blair

Morgan Blair


Morgan Blair has seventeen years of experience living with, studying, and treating eating disorders. When struggling with her eating disorder, she personally attended leading treatment facilities and witnessed firsthand the facility's inability to recognize her unique needs, which sparked her desire for advocacy and change. While recovering, Morgan founded an advocacy organization where she partnered with organizations such as NEDA, NAMI, and IAEDP for events, talks, and fundraisers, spreading awareness about the impact of eating disorders.

After recovering, she attended Northwestern's graduate program to become a mental health counselor in hopes of bringing voice to the interplay between identity and eating disorders. During Morgan's graduate program, her research revolved around eating disorder conceptualization and alternative treatment approaches tailored to the client’s individual needs. Now, Morgan has her own practice where she has brought her research to life and treats gender-expansive and neurodivergent individuals recovering from eating disorders through an individualized approach.

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