Who we are

Recovered is a team of writers and editors devoted to providing relevant and useful information about substance abuse, co-occurring mental illness, and treatment. All of our content is chosen based on the most pressing needs of our audience, with care for their wellbeing being front and center of everything we do. Our articles and guides are fact-checked and sourced from up-to-date medical journals, relevant publications, and government guidelines.

Our goal

To provide a resource base of information and advice that is beneficial and informative to our audience. We believe everyone suffering from addiction deserves help and aim to give them the tools they need to get it.

What we do

Our writers and editors tirelessly research medical materials, papers, journals, and publications from multiple sources to ensure we produce accurate and factual guides. We look at the current trends and concerns facing Americans and substance use disorders, aiming to provide the most important and valuable information possible. Our pages and articles are reviewed regularly with statistics, data, and advice being updated constantly to make sure they are current and reliable.

This information is designed to be used as a resource for those struggling with addiction, people who want to know more about substance use disorders, and those looking to find out about treatment options for addiction. We also aim to dispel myths and misconceptions around addiction, reduce the social stigmas associated with it, promote healthy dialogue about substance abuse and rehab, and promote treatment options that are proven to work.

Our editorial process

We take great pride in the quality of our content and work hard to make sure it’s as valuable as possible. Even though we cover a wide range of topics centering around addiction, our aim is to always bring concise, reliable, and jargon-free content that will benefit the reader. Our writers work to high standards to ensure that what they produce is original, accurate, and free of any conflicts or misinformation.

All of our content is clinically reviewed to ensure it is factually correct before being edited for publication. We hold a strict set of standards for our work and our editors check for formatting, spelling and grammar, inclusivity, quality, and readability. We will never share anything on our site that we are not 100 percent happy with and will always review and improve pages to make sure our information is current.

Our clinical review process

At Recovered.org, we aim to deliver insightful and clinically accurate information on addiction and treatment. To ensure that everything you read on our site is trustworthy and factual, all of our content is medically reviewed by professionals. We utilize the knowledge of doctors, addiction specialists, and pharmacological experts from around the country to guarantee that all of our content is medically reliable and factually sound. We also cite our resources wherever possible and will always include sources to relevant information on each page to enable you to fact-check everything written across the site.