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Treatment Types

28 November 2022

Typically, when we discuss treatment for addiction we talk about...

SMART Recovery

09 September 2022

Smart Recovery is an international non-profit helping people recover from...


09 September 2022

Al-Anon is a mutual aid society for people affected by...


09 September 2022

Nar-Anon is a mutual aid society and 12-step program for...

Narcotics Anonymous

09 September 2022

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a mutual help society for anyone...

Support Groups

09 September 2022

In addition to rehab, detox, professional therapy, and prescription medication,...

Step 12 of AA: Helping others

08 February 2022

Step 12 is the final part of the Alcoholics Anonymous...

Step 11 of AA: Commit to a spiritual practice

08 February 2022

Step 11 of Alcoholics Anonymous continues to prepare the participant...

Step 10 of AA: Monitor yourself and admit mistakes

08 February 2022

Step 9 of the Alcoholics Anonymous program allows the participant...

Step 9 of AA: Apologize to people you’ve harmed

08 February 2022

Step 9 of Alcoholics Anonymous is perceived by many to...

Step 8 of AA: Make a list of people you’ve hurt

08 February 2022

Step 8 of Alcoholics Anonymous can be particularly difficult for...

Step 7 of AA: Ask a higher power to remove your faults

08 February 2022

So far in the journey through the 12 Steps of...

Step 6 of AA: Become ready to remove your flaws

08 February 2022

Step 6 of Alcoholics anonymous prepares the participant to begin...

Step 5 of AA: Be honest about your mistakes

08 February 2022

Having completed Step 4 of Alcoholics Anonymous by making a...

Step 4 of AA: Make a moral inventory

08 February 2022

Having completed Step 3 of Alcoholics Anonymous and asked for...

Step 3 of AA: Depend on your higher power

08 February 2022

Step three of Alcoholics anonymous asks the participant to give...

Step 2 of AA: Find a power greater than yourself

08 February 2022

The second step of Alcoholics Anonymous begins the process of...

Step 1 of AA: Admit you are powerless

07 February 2022

The 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous is a world-renowned...

The preamble of AA

07 February 2022

Alcoholics Anonymous is a long-standing organization dedicated to helping people...

The Treatment Process

03 November 2021

Deciding to attend an addiction treatment facility is one of...

Rehab & Drug Abuse Confidentiality

01 September 2021

One of the top reasons for people not seeking help...

Luxury Rehab Centers

01 September 2021

The idea of residential rehab can seem like a daunting...

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

27 August 2021

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a commonly used type of...

Intervention - guidelines

27 August 2021

An intervention is when loved ones confront someone with an...

Outpatient Rehab

26 August 2021

Outpatient rehab and treatment can be a good choice for...

Inpatient Rehab

26 August 2021

Attending an inpatient addiction treatment rehab center provides those suffering...

A Typical Day in Rehab

26 August 2021

For most people going into a rehab facility for the...

The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

26 August 2021

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has been going for over 80 years...

Drug and Alcohol Detox

26 August 2021

Often referred to as 'the cleanse', detox from drugs and...


26 August 2021

Recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction may seem like...

Addiction Treatment Medication

26 August 2021

Detoxification can be an arduous process as withdrawal symptoms can...

Rehab FAQs

26 August 2021

Rehab facilities specialize in addiction treatment. Each rehab is a...

Finding Free Addiction Treatment

25 August 2021

For some people that are suffering from addiction, the prospect...

State-Funded Drug and Alcohol Rehab

25 August 2021

There are currently over 23 million people in the United...

Paying for Addiction Treatment

25 August 2021

Addiction treatment costs vary greatly depending on the location of...

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