Marijuana guides

9 guides to read across 2 categories


Shatter (Cannabis Concentrate)

04 November 2022

Shatter is a form of concentrated cannabis extract. By isolating...

How Long Do THC Edibles Stay In Your System?

10 June 2022

THC edibles show up in your system within 24 hours...

THC Edibles

09 June 2022

An ‘edible’ is the common term used to describe consumable...

Spice (K2)

21 February 2022

Spice, also known as K2 or synthetic weed, is a...

The Street Cost of Marijuana

04 January 2022

While new regulations around marijuana mean that it is available...

Marijuana Withdrawal, Detox and Treatment

08 October 2021

Marijuana is often perceived as non-harmful and less addictive than...

Signs of Marijuana Abuse

08 October 2021

Marijuana is often viewed as a safe drug, but some...

Marijuana Legalization by State

23 August 2021

The legal status of marijuana is changing rapidly throughout the...

Does Marijuana Kill Brain Cells?

23 August 2021

<p>Researchers are still finding out more about the long-term impacts...