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Who uses whippets?

14 July 2022

Whippets have been used for years by clubgoers and are...

the dangers of whippet abuse

14 July 2022

The nitrous oxide inside whippet canisters has been abused across...

Warning signs of whippet use

14 July 2022

Whippet use (also called Nos or whip its) is often...

Whippet Drugs: Nos abuse

30 November 2021

Whippets ("whippits", "whip its", or "nos") are a form of...

Signs of Inhalant Abuse

08 October 2021

Inhalants are uncommonly abused but can have devastating and lasting...

Inhalant Withdrawal, Detox and Treatment

08 October 2021

As very little research on Inhalant abuse, dependence and addiction...

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