Addiction guides

35 guides to read across 6 categories


National Drug Addiction Hotlines

05 December 2022

If you are struggling with a substance use disorder or...

Sex Addiction (Hypersexuality Disorder)

03 October 2022

Sex addiction, more commonly referred to in clinical circles as...

12 Tips to Stop Gambling

26 September 2022

For those with a gambling use disorder or addiction, effectively...

How to tell if you have a porn addiction: 11 warning signs

29 March 2022

For many, Pornography can be a healthy part of a...

Porn Addiction Withdrawal

05 January 2022

Porn addiction is currently not classified as a recognized mental...

Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace

04 November 2021

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction have a high toll...

Addiction and Genetics: What's the connection?

04 November 2021

Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease that involves abnormal reward...

Addiction vs Dependence

03 November 2021

Addiction and dependence are words both used to describe an...

Alcohol, Drugs, and Crime

03 November 2021

Drugs and alcohol play a significant part in devastating millions...

Get Help With Addiction

29 October 2021

Knowing where to start once you’ve decided to get treatment...

Warning Signs of Addiction

02 September 2021

Developing an addiction to a substance or behavior involves a...

What Are The Most Dangerous Drugs?

02 September 2021

All drugs can be dangerous when abused, including over-the-counter drugs....

Internet Addiction

01 September 2021

Most everyone today is never without their cell phone or...

Video Gaming Addiction

31 August 2021

Most of us equate video games as a relatively harmless...

The Controlled Substances Act

31 August 2021

The Controlled Substances Act is a system designed to categorize...

Addictive Personality

27 August 2021

“Addictive personality” is a term that gets used a lot...

Driving While Impaired (DWI) Alcohol and Drugs

27 August 2021

When someone sits behind the wheel of a car, they...

What to do in the event of an overdose

27 August 2021

Taking too much of a substance can lead to long-term,...

Talking With Children About Drugs and Alcohol

27 August 2021

Unfortunately, no matter what you do to protect your kids...


27 August 2021

An overdose is the common term used when someone has...

Helping a Family Member or Friend

27 August 2021

If someone you know and care about, be they a...

Alcohol, Substance Abuse, and Co-Occurring Disorders

26 August 2021

Over half of people who suffer from a mental illness...

What are the top 10 most common addictions?

26 August 2021

Over 165 million Americans abuse illicit and illegal substances. Here...

The Cost of Drugs: How it Affects Addiction

26 August 2021

There were over 840,000 deaths due to drug overdose from...

How Long do Substances Stay in Your System?

26 August 2021

There are a number of factors that affect the detection...

Warning Signs of Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Teens

26 August 2021

As a parent, it can be hard to identify whether...

Alcoholism, Drug Dependence and Veterans

26 August 2021

Veterans who have served in the military are known to...

Alcohol, Drugs and Young People

26 August 2021

There is no age limit on when someone may develop...

Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Seniors

26 August 2021

Many assume that young people are the primary source of...

Addiction FAQs

25 August 2021

Addiction vs Compulsion

25 August 2021

The terms addiction and compulsion are commonly and incorrectly used...

Porn Addiction

24 August 2021

Porn addiction or compulsion can have a devastating impact on...

Social Media Addiction

24 August 2021

According to some surveys from 2020, Americans are spending as...

Gambling Addiction

23 August 2021

Gambling addiction is currently the only form of behavioral addiction...

Behavioral Addictions

23 August 2021

People have displayed addictive tendencies from behaviors towards pornography, sex,...

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